How We Help You To Sell Your Product & Service ?

Our team first understands the nature of business, working model, different working scenarios and lastly how to handle the results. Accordingly, the solution is designed for the client to fulfill the goals.

Strategy & Process Design

To simplify the complex problem, process flows are the most important which supports the strategy to follow. Most of the projects and products fail when Strategy and Process documents are missing from the start. Our team interacts with stakeholders and prepare it for expected results & goals.

Market Research 

Our team is expert in different fields which helps to make a realistic report rather than the old model of research. We use innovative modes like VR, emotional changes, psychological impacts, etc. to get the exact market research report which is required by our client.

Application Development

By doing product analysis companies request us to design and develop  prototype for their business which helps them to understand the real time efficiency of the project/product. Results of the prototype are tested regularly which results in better delivery of the application for the client.


For any business, revenue and conversions are most important. Each product or service for a different brand requires different marketing campaigns. As per the client's product or service analysis we cover Brand Positioning, Digital Campaigns, Ad Networks, AD Exchanges, DSP and the list goes on.

Xlantic Solutions held our hand throughout the process of brand identity-digital store setup as well as helped us in the growth of our brand in the Germany & Canadian markets.
— Amardeep ,


Focusing On What Matters Most

Our story telling and case study based approach has helped our clients feel better understanding of their problem statement. Our team has understood those problems and delivered those achievable results and goals.

Our journey started with services of Web Application development and Digital Marketing Services which included SEO, SMM, Paid Campaigns. During the process of growth, the company added many other services of Market Research and complete marketing solutions to help clients achieve their goals. Our team suggests what could be the best solution for the client and help them upgrading their technology and business models time to time. We believe that what data and reports are required to focus on the problem statement due to which there is very limited chance of human error.

USP of Xlantic Solutions team is that they themselves invest in the latest technology so that client doesn’t get outdated reports in today’s business zone. Our latest Market research technology of emotional and mood survey for products helped customers to know the response on their product visually. Artificial Intelligence is the future, which our team is upgrading themselves with their gears to fight in the business warzone for the victory of the client!

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Apart from the big list of companies we worked in past since 2007, we are sharing few of the happy faces with whome we worked on recent projects.

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